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With our professional development courses, you’ll have an effective, convenient way to enhance your teaching skills and broaden your range of expertise. These self-paced courses provide the flexibility to fit your busy schedule — your learning, on your time.

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Online Convenience

With online courses, there’s no traffic, no commuting, and no lost time with family. You can turn any space into your very own immersive and engaging classroom!


Our professional development courses aren’t just convenient — they’re also considerably affordable. You get the course materials you need to succeed, all without breaking the bank.


The Teacher's Academy is accredited in most states. We are authorized to issue the IACET CEU, ACSI credits, TEA and Act 48 hours to name a few.

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Need some new ideas to liven up your lessons? With these courses, you will discover how easy it is to weave the arts into an existing curriculum. Learn how fine arts, theater and music contribute to higher level thinking skills, increased engagement and most importantly, joy in teaching.


Our technology courses are written by teachers who use computers effectively in their classrooms. Learn how to use programs such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite to create custom materials for your classroom. Gather ideas on creating engaging activities that will teach even your most tech-savvy students something new!

Teacher Resources

Differentiation, Universal Design, Mindfulness, Blended Learning, Preference based Teaching, Kinesthetic learning are the latest buzz words that teachers are expected to know. Not sure how these strategies will meet the needs of your students? These courses shed light on new teaching concepts and provide ideas and resources for creating engaging activities for students. Teachers are asked to reflect on their own practices, respond to diverse teaching methods and gather resources that will work for their students. Enjoy!

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