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Empowering Educators Through Professional Development

At The Teacher’s Academy, our mission is clear: to provide certified teachers with exceptional professional development experiences. We believe that effective professional growth is essential for educators to stay current, enhance their skills, and ultimately positively impact student learning. At The Teacher’s Academy, we provide self-paced online courses that are relevant to today’s teachers and the needs of their students. Designed by teachers, for teachers, our courses allow teachers to satisfy their professional development requirements quickly and affordably as put forth in the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001.

Meet Our Founders

In 2000, the No Child Left Behind Act made professional development a high priority for teachers. Yet the opportunities for PD were scarce, expensive, or irrelevant to many teachers. The need for affordable professional development became apparent to our founders Maggie Haflett and Julie Woosnam, who then opened The Teacher’s Academy.
Maggie & Julie, Co-founders of the Act 48 Academy/The Teacher’s Academy

Maggie Haflett, Co-Founder

Maggie Haflett is an educator, curriculum developer, and wellness advocate with over two decades of classroom experience. She has a BS in Secondary Education focusing on History and Political Science. Maggie began teaching in 1998 and has since earned dual Master’s degrees in Educational Technology and Social Emotional Wellness. Throughout her career, Maggie taught various subjects including computer science, history, sociology, and AP Psychology. Currently based in a suburban district in Pennsylvania, she teaches high school full-time, coaches educators, and co-manages The Teacher’s Academy with her sister.

Maggie’s diverse education and experience served as her fuel for designing many of the courses we all know and love at The Teacher’s Academy. These courses include:
  • Move to Learn
  • Mindfulness in Education
  • AI in ED
  • Wellness for Educators
  • Microsoft Excel For Educators
  • Google Docs for Educators

Julie Woosnam, Co-Founder

Julie earned her BA in Elementary/Special Education from Holy Family University in 2005. She taught for a several years before she co-founded The Teacher’s Academy with her sister, Maggie. Together, they have enjoyed years of growing their business and family’s side by side. Julie has two children that keep her busy. One serves as an investigator for Montgomery County, the other is serving in the US Army. She enjoys trips to Avalon, NJ, and taking her dog for long walks.

Teacher’s Professional Development Provider Accreditations

Pennsylvania is our home, but we believe that professional development should be accessible to all educators. As Act 48 providers for the state of Pennsylvania, The Teacher’s Academy has obtained the following accreditations to serve teachers throughout the United States:

Enhance Your Teaching Skills

Discover our wide array of affordable online courses for teachers’ professional development.

Pre-Approved Act 48 Provider

As an officially approved provider of professional development hours, we meet the rigorous standards set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Our commitment to excellence ensures that our courses align with the latest educational research and best practices.

Act 48 Academy is the name given to the Pennsylvania chapter of The Teacher’s Academy. The company was founded by a team of Pennsylvania teachers who have extensive experience in adult education and curriculum development. Every course in our catalog is approved for Act 48 hours.

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