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Self Paced Courses

With our professional development courses, you’ll have an effective, convenient way to enhance your teaching skills and broaden your range of expertise. These self-paced courses provide the flexibility to fit your busy schedule — your learning, on your time.

Continuing Education for Teachers

No matter your requirements, our valuable and meaningful courses will meet your needs. We are constantly updating our selection of courses, so you can always expect us to keep up on current trends and concepts to teach your students something new. Our courses also include useful resources that you can continue to reference after completing your professional development.

Providing professional development for teachers is our sole purpose and greatest passion. While there are different requirements for each state, we go to considerable lengths to stay up to date on state regulations. Find your state to view your requirements.

Online Convenience

As a professional development provider, we understand that you have a hectic schedule. With our online courses, designed for the continuing education of teachers, there’s no traffic, no commuting, and no lost time with family. You can turn any space into your very own immersive and engaging classroom!


We believe that professional development for teachers should be convenient and considerably affordable. You get the course materials you need to succeed, all without breaking the bank. Visit our FAQ for more information about our courses and the registration process.


The Teacher's Academy is accredited in most states. We are authorized to issue various professional development credits for teachers, including the IACET CEU, ACSI credits, TEA and Act 48 hours to name a few.

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Need some new ideas to liven up your lessons? With these courses, you will discover how easy it is to weave the arts into an existing curriculum. Learn how fine arts, theater and music contribute to higher level thinking skills, increased engagement and most importantly, joy in teaching.


Our technology courses are written by teachers who use computers effectively in their classrooms. Learn how to use programs such as Microsoft Office and Google Suite to create custom materials for your classroom. Gather ideas on creating engaging activities that will teach even your most tech-savvy students something new!

Teacher Resources

Differentiation, Universal Design, Mindfulness, Blended Learning, Preference based Teaching, Kinesthetic learning are the latest buzz words that teachers are expected to know. Not sure how these strategies will meet the needs of your students? These courses shed light on new teaching concepts and provide ideas and resources for creating engaging activities for students. Teachers are asked to reflect on their own practices, respond to diverse teaching methods and gather resources that will work for their students. Enjoy!

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Continuing Education for Teachers & Educators

The Teacher’s Academy offers various programs geared toward continuing education for teachers and educators for professionals in various states.

Looking to incorporate the arts into your curriculum? Do you want to create engaging activities for your students? Need continuing education units for educators? We have the courses and professional growth resources to help. Our professional development for teachers is designed to meet individual state requirements.

Our courses for teachers and professional development credit programs that let you easily obtain continuing education hours for teachers. Enhance your teaching skills, broaden your range of expertise, and enrichen your students’ school years with us!

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All of our courses are online and can be accessed from any computer, all at a reasonable cost. These self-paced courses provide the flexibility to fit your busy schedule — your learning, on your time. Professional development for teachers has never been more convenient!

CEU hours for teachers with us let you make the most of your lifestyle. We’ll give you the tools the best school leaders and student learning professionals rely on. Whether you’re gearing up for a teaching certificate renewal or seek PDU hours for teachers, our resources are here for you. Browse our course catalog and sign up today!

What Are Educator CEUs?

Educator CEUs, or teacher CEUs, are measures used in continuing educator certification programs. Professional credentials, such as educator licenses, typically require periodic renewal. This often leads to the need for continuing education units for teachers.

Continuing education units for educators are critical because student needs — in addition to teaching challenges — change as the surrounding culture does. Teachers also must stay current on best practices since practitioners constantly improve teaching and learning through novel ideas, strategies, and applications. Teacher CEUs bring standardization into the fold!

The Teacher’s Academy can help you stay at the forefront of modern-day education and standard certificate requirements. Turning to us for continuing education for teachers and educators means you’re getting access to the best resources available.

Take the next best step in your career — and teaching philosophy — with continuing education hours for educators.

Looking to Renew Your Teaching Certificate? Take Advantage of Our Education Programs!

Professional development for educators is also necessary for teaching license renewal. If you want to renew your license, you will need to complete a specific number of professional development hours. The particular number of continuing education hours for teachers needed will vary depending on state.

As a professional development provider, we’re proud to offer a vast selection of courses for you to choose from. When it comes to supplying professional development for educators, our courses can be utilized immediately or in the future.

What States Require You to Renew a Teaching Certificate?

Teaching certificate renewal requirements vary state by state. Fortunately, with our education programs, you’ll have everything you need for teacher license renewal. For more information about CEU hours for teachers, our experts are at the ready to help.

Professional Development Units for Teachers and Educators

Professional development units for educators (or education PDUs) are integral for those looking to grow professionally and personally. Also referred to as teaching PDUs, these sharpen skills that directly relate to the classroom and curriculum.

Professional Development Units for Teachers That Make an Impact

Professional development units for educators are measurable steps in keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date. However, education PDUs are about so much more than checking off a box; it’s about furthering your love of teaching. PDU hours for teachers are as high-impact and effective as they are crucial for your credentials.

The Best in Continuing Education for Teachers and Educators

Attaining continuing education units for teachers doesn’t have to be inconvenient and expensive. With our professional education resources, you can liven up your classroom lessons and utilize leading technologies. Continuing education for teachers and educators is made easy with our wide assortment of resources, network of experts, and convenient courses.

Are you ready to learn new skills and upgrade your current curriculum? Continuing education hours for educators can help you do just that! To learn more about license renewal, teaching PDUs, and beyond, get in touch with our team today. When you think of continuing education for teachers and educators, think The Teacher’s Academy!

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