Strategies to Support Multilingual Learners (ELL/ EL)


  • Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving, and uploading files, creating folders, basic word processing skills such as using tables
  • The ability to take a screenshot of your computer and paste it into a table.
  • [Optional] The ability to record a video/screen cast


  1. Computer
  2. Word Processing Software (MS Word, Word for Apple, etc.)
  3. Internet access
  4. Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework

Professional Learning Objectives

Using course text and recommended online resources, teachers will…

  1. Learn about language levels and what learners can be expected to produce.
  2. Research and evaluate five language strategies that work in classrooms with 100% completion.
  3. Create three language resources that demonstrate usefulness and effective teaching practices with 100% completion.
  4. Learn about Talking Points and set up an account with 100% completion.
  5. Analyze four different student scenarios and justify supports and language abilities with 80% accuracy.

Common Core Standards


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