Move to Learn


  • Basic computer file management knowledge including opening, saving, and uploading files, and creating folders.
  • Word Processing skills and basic Internet keyword searching skills.
  • PowerPoint® knowledge is preferred, but not necessary.
  • Basic physical competencies such as walking squats, toe touches, push-ups, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and abdominal crunches.*

* This course requires some basic physical movement. Modifications are expected and encouraged. There is intent to increase the heart rate and stimulate the brain through short bursts of exercise throughout the course. Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.


  1. Internet
  2. Timer
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint® (Mac or PC)
  4. Word processor

Professional Learning Objectives

  • Explore Cuts to PE and Recess: Analyze the course text and the impact of the No Child Left Behind Act (2001) to provide evidence-based answers and solutions in the “Why” file.
  • Memory Experiment Analysis: Complete the memory activity and analyze results, reporting findings in the Memory Analysis file with 100% completion.
  • Ratey TED Talk Response: Respond to questions from Dr. John Ratey’s TED Talk in the Ratey Response file with 80% accuracy.
  • Review Top 10 Online Resources: Choose and review 5 of the Top 10 (Free) Online resources, ensuring 100% completion.
  • Proposal Development: Write a proposal incorporating 6 research-based pieces of evidence from the course text. Present findings using presentation software.
  • Apply Movement Solutions: Implement practical solutions for 5 common classroom behavior and academic performance issues after reading the Integrating Movement section.
  • Revamp Lesson Plan with Movement: Enhance an old lesson plan by incorporating new physical movement activities and strategies, meeting 100% of the required elements.
  • Reflect on Learning: Complete the “Reflect” file with 100% to summarize and internalize course materials.

Common Core Standards

While academic performance is influenced by many factors, research suggests that increasing physical exercise and activity can have a positive impact on student’s academic success across all standard benchmarks.

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