Mindfulness in Education


Fundamental understanding of computer file management, encompassing tasks such as opening, saving, and uploading files, as well as the creation of folders.


  1. Internet
  2. Word Processor
  3. Adobe 10.0.1 or later to edit and save the pdf files.

Professional Learning Objectives

  • Create custom journal entries demonstrating knowledge of mindfulness, meditation, and contemplation with 100% completion.
  • Analyze and justify mindful practices using course materials, including poetry and literature, achieving 100% completion.
  • Read current research on student brain functions and effective learning strategies, responding to brain function scenarios with 100% accuracy.
  • Watch videos of scientists and experts on mindfulness, responding to questions and explaining how mindfulness changes the brain with 100% completion.
  • Discover the science behind mindfulness using course text and current research. Provide accurate responses on implementing mindful practices in school with 100% accuracy.
  • Share and reflect on a personally customized three-day mindfulness practice with 100% completion.
  • Research current studies that demonstrate how mindfulness improves student behavior. Provide a written response with 100% completion.
  • Write a mindful lesson plan implementing your findings from mindfulness research with 100% completion.

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