Celebrating Cultural Diversity


Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders, copy/paste skill, basic Internet searching skills, bookmarking sites (adding favorites)


  1. Computer
  2. Word Processing Software
  3. Internet Access
  4. Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework- You can download this software for free at Adobe.com

Professional Learning Objectives

  1. Use course text and websites provided, teachers will watch a video on cultural diversity and respond to the reflection questions with 100% accuracy.
  2. Use information from the video to create their own puzzle pieces activity with 100% completion.
  3. Use course text and the Breaking Stereotypes video, teachers will respond to reflection questions about providing equitable education to their students with 100% completion.
  4. Use course text and the immigration website provided, teachers will research and choose (1) immigration story to read fully and write a response with 100% completion.
  5. Use the provided name bank, teachers will guess names of immigrants that match their accomplishments and then type the correct names of immigrants who created successful businesses in America in to a provided template with 100% completion.
  6. Respond to the Celebrating Success reflection questions with 100% completion.
  7. Use provided video and course text, teachers will watch the Tale of Two Teachers video and then respond to the reflection questions with 100% completion.
  8. Use provided artwork, teachers will complete the art integration activity with 100% completion.
  9. Use the strategies provided course text to complete one of the following scenarios: building rapport, designing culturally responsive classroom space, modeling culturally responsive behavior, designing a culturally responsive lesson or reflection of culturally responsive teaching practices with 100% completion.
  10. Use provided Wakelet example and provided culturally diverse resource examples to create their own custom resource template to save culturally diverse resources of their choice with 100% completion.

Common Core Standards

  • CCSS: ELA-Literacy- Writing K-12
  • CCSS: ELA- Literacy- Reading Literature K-12
  • CCSS: ELA- Literacy- Reading Informational Text K-12
  • CCSS: ELA- Literacy- Reading Foundational Skills K-12
  • CCSS: ELA- Literacy- Speaking and Listening K-12

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