Teaching Science using the Common Core Standards


Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders; Word Processing skills, e.g. formatting, copying and pasting text; Internet searching skills


1. Internet
2. Word Processor
3. Adobe Reader 11.0.1 or later

Professional Learning Objectives

Teachers will…
1. Use course text and guided instruction to provide a written evaluation of current teaching practices, including the specific standards that are already supporting the curriculum and additional standards that could be incorporated with 100% completion.
2. Use the provided educational video to write an analysis and reflection of strategies used to implement the Common Core standards into a physics class with 100% completion.
3. Use course text and guided instruction to complete the provided assessment with 90% accuracy.
4. Use course text and guided instruction to modify a lesson to show implementation of Common Core Standards with 100% completion.

Common Core Standards

• CCSS: ELA-Literacy- Writing K-12
• CCSS: ELA-Literacy- Reading Informational Text K-12
• CCSS: ELA- Literacy- RST Science and Technical Standards 6-8.9
• CCSS: ELA- Anchor Standards

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