Supporting the Inclusion Classroom


Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders, basic word processing skills such as using tables


  1. Computer
  2. Word Processing Software (MS Word, Word for Apple, etc.)
  3. Internet access
  4. Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework

Professional Learning Objectives

Teachers will…

  1. Use course text and the Internet to evaluate and reflect on the inclusion video, “Ian” with 100% completion.
  2. Use course text and the Internet to watch two instructional videos and provide an analysis the effectiveness of inclusive teaching strategies with 100% completion.
  3. Use course text and Internet websites to review 10 effective inclusion activities and provide an evaluation of (3) activities with 100% completion.
  4. Use examples from the course to design and create an inclusive activity to use in the classroom with 100% completion.

Common Core Standards


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