Integrating the Arts in the Classroom


  • Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving, uploading files, and creating folders.
  • Taking photos or scanning images and inserting them into a Word document.
  • Navigating basic functions of Microsoft® Word®; e.g. typing text, inserting images, formatting, and aligning shapes.


  1. Computer
  2. Word Processing Software
  3. Internet Access
  4. Camera (If choosing to upload digital pictures)
  5. Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.1.01 or later

Professional Learning Objectives

  1. Students will develop their own definition of art by combining class materials and insights from interviews with an artist and another student.
  2. Students will watch Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk and answer questions to assess their understanding.
  3. Using class materials and their own observations, students will complete a graphic organizer to explore five steps for discovering their inner artist.
  4. Students will create an artistic project based on their research, ensuring they include all required elements.
  5. Students will utilize online resources related to art standards, 21st-century learning standards, and Common Core standards to design three integrated arts activities.
  6. Students will choose an artist to research based on course materials and complete a comprehensive Artist Study.
  7. Students will reflect on course materials by responding to a reflection question provided in the resources.

Common Core Standards

Research to Build and Present Knowledge:

Integration of Knowledge and Ideas:

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