Google Forms for Educators


  • Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving, and uploading files as well as creating folders.
  • Word processing skills.
  • Basic Internet searching skills.


  1. Google Drive Account
  2. Internet Access
  3. Microsoft PowerPoint® (Mac or PC)

Professional Learning Objectives

  1. Complete a mini assessment with 80% accuracy following guided instruction and course text.
  2. Create and submit a quiz with 100% proficiency in automatic grading, answer feedback, custom themes, and varied questions.
  3. Develop and submit a grading rubric with 100% mastery in planning, organizing multiple-choice grid questions, customizing themes, and incorporating varied questions.
  4. Craft and submit a peer feedback form with 100% proficiency in incorporating appropriate and varied questions, as well as sorting and filtering responses.
  5. Create and submit a Late Work Submission Form with 100% proficiency in incorporating email notifications, inserting a file upload feature, and sorting and filtering responses.
  6. Utilize Google Forms’ provided template and Add-On to create a customized form with 100% proficiency in installing an Add-On, reviewing Add-Ons, and customizing a pre-formatted template.
  7. Develop and submit a Parent Survey with 100% proficiency in incorporating varied questions, email notifications, and explaining the project’s communication benefits.
  8. Create and submit a You Decide! Adventure form with 100% proficiency in planning sections, inserting new sections, setting answer options, inserting YouTube videos, and adding quiz questions.
  9. Complete and submit a Reflection, answering 100% of the reflection questions following guided instruction and course text.

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