Google Docs for Educators


Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving and uploading files, creating folders; Able to create or access a Gmail account and download Google Drive


1. Gmail Account (Free)
2. Google Drive (Free part of the Gmail account)
3. Chrome or Firefox Internet browser (required add-ins will not work on Safari)
4. Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later required to edit and save coursework
(You can download this software for free at

Professional Learning Objectives

Teachers will…
1. Use course text and guided instruction to design a test that show an increase in fluency of the following technical skills: Insert, edit and format Headers, Tables, Text, Shapes, Images, and other core features of Google Docs with 100% completion.
2. Use course text and guided instruction to Implement learned technical skills to create a certificate for students with 100% completion.
3. Use course text and guided instruction to develop an online parent survey to execute a mail merge and increase student/parent communication efficiency with 100% completion.
4. Use course text and guided instruction to provide a written response on the possibilities of integrating the software in both personal and professional realms with 100% completion.
5. Use course text and guided instruction to apply the learned skills in an assessment with 100% accuracy.

Common Core Standards

• CCSS: ELA-Literacy- Writing K-12
• CCSS: ELA-Literacy- Reading Informational Text K-12
• CCSS: ELA- Literacy- RST Science and Technical Standards 6-8.9

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