Google Docs for Educators


  • Basic computer file management skills.
  • Access to a Gmail account.
  • Basic familiarity with Google Drive.


  1. Gmail Account (Free)
  2. Google Drive (Free, part of Gmail)
  3. Chrome or Firefox Internet browser.*
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.1.01 or later.

*Use of a Safari web browser is not recommended.

Professional Learning Objectives

  • Design tests showcasing fluency in Google Docs features with 100% completion.
  • Implement technical skills to create student certificates with 100% completion.
  • Develop an online parent survey, execute a mail merge, and enhance communication efficiency with 100% completion.
  • Provide a written response on integrating the software personally and professionally with 100% completion.
  • Apply learned skills in an assessment with 100% accuracy.

Common Core Standards

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