Game-Based Learning


  1. Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g. opening, saving, and uploading files, and creating folders.
  2. Basic computing skills such as taking screenshots cropping images, and using tables and shapes to create worksheets or other materials.
  3. Basic word processing skills such as opening, typing, formatting, and saving files.
  4. Basic internet skills


1. Internet Access
2. Adobe Reader 11.1.01 or later
3. Microsoft Word 2007 or later
4. PowerPoint (Optional)

Professional Learning Objectives

  • Use course materials to analyze game-based learning components, exploring its value as an educational tool.
  • Achieve 100% completion in scrutinizing digital and non-digital games, understanding their impact on student achievement.
  • Craft personalized lesson plans, integrating innovative elements for a richer educational experience.
  • Tailor Kahoot!, Quizziz, and Flip Quiz experiences to align with lessons and engage students dynamically.
  • Design a game-based learning strategy for behavior management, ensuring a positive learning environment.
  • Complete thorough research to compile online tools, achieving 100% completion and enhancing the overall educational experience.

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