Critical Thinking and Literacy Strategies


  • Basic computer file management knowledge, e.g., opening, saving, and uploading files, creating folders.
  • Scanning or saving digital photos.
  • Proficiency in Word Processing.


  1. Internet
  2. Any word processing program
  3. Scanner or Digital Camera
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.1.01 or later.

Professional Learning Objectives

  • Analyze critical thinking activities through course text, provided video, and guided instruction with 100% completion.
  • Design and create their own critical thinking activity using course text, instructional examples, and provided templates with 100% completion.
  • Respond to reflection questions regarding their critical thinking activity with 100% completion.
  • Produce Word Splash activity and Anticipation Guide using course text, guided instruction, and provided templates with 100% completion.
  • Choose and complete a critical thinking experience (Talk to the Text, Insert Notes, or Reciprocal Teaching Chart) with 100% completion.
  • Complete Open/Closed Ended activity table, produce a RAFT table, and Text Reformulation chart with 100% completion.
  • Analyze and complete response questions regarding implementing reading strategies to support specific learning needs of students with 100% completion.

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