Computers: The VERY Basics


While this course has no prerequisites, we recommend finding a “Computer Helper”. Your Helper can aid you in downloading the course and getting started.


  1. Windows 7 Operating System or later
  2. Internet Access
  3. Microsoft Word 2013 or later.
  4. Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 or later.
  5. Adobe Acrobat Reader 10.1.01 or later.

Professional Learning Objectives

  • Assess your current technical proficiency through guided instruction. Identify essential skills crucial for enhancing student achievement. Achieve 100% completion.
  • Learn desktop components, binary computation, and Internet facts with precision. Achieve 100% accuracy in identifying these crucial elements.
  • Craft a parent letter showcasing your ability to save files, create folders, and edit documents. Achieve 100% completion in demonstrating these functions.
  • Understand different operating systems and their impact on classroom efficiency. Achieve 100% completion in grasping this essential knowledge.
  • Define key terms like network, server, storage, hard drive, and cloud. Achieve 100% completion in building your technical vocabulary.
  • Learn effective web searching techniques. Empower students by transitioning this skill into a valuable research tool. Aim for 100% completion.
  • Create a parent letter that fosters strong communication with parents and the community. Achieve 100% completion in enhancing these vital skills.

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