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Professional Development Hours for Philadelphia County Teachers

As a teacher, you’ll want to continuously learn new developments in education to effectively educate others. The Teacher’s Academy is where teachers go to learn. Our courses are written by teachers, for teachers. Whether you’re currently a teacher and continuing your education, looking to get back into teaching, or a substitute teacher, our professional development courses offer a variety of classes and material to meet your needs.

Professional Development Courses Online

In order to keep your teacher’s certification active, you are required by the state of Pennsylvania to complete 180 hours as part of the Act 48 legislation. This law states that PA teachers, including those in Philadelphia County, must fulfill 180 hours of professional development courses every five years. The Teacher’s Academy offers approved Act 48 online courses which can be downloaded on your home or school computer, allowing you to complete your courses at your own time and independently. Once you have completed the courses, The Teacher’s Academy will upload your course hours directly to the Pennsylvania Department of Education. If you’re not sure how many professional development hours you need to complete, we can help you find your PA Professional ID and determine how many hours you have or still need.

Online Courses That Work for You

The online professional development courses that we offer are developed by current teachers in the field. Each course is relevant to you so that you don’t have to sit through hours of material unrelated to your professional development needs. Our courses were developed with you in mind, so that current teachers continuing their studies, substitute teachers, and those wishing to get back into teaching will all benefit. We also understand that teachers are busy, especially in big cities such as Philadelphia, which is why our courses are flexible and convenient for you. You can complete the courses while you’re sitting at home or during your prep at school. Choose from the number of hours you’ll need to meet your requirements: We offer 3, 6, 15 and 18-hour courses, all of which go towards fulfilling your 180 professional development hours. Browse through our Act 48 courses for Philadelphia teachers and get started today.

We’re Affordable

Choosing where to complete professional development hours can sometimes be difficult. We know that the costs associated with keeping your teachers certification up-to-date can be quite high. With us, you don’t have to pay tuition-like costs for professional development. Teachers can breeze through our affordable courses and then get back to doing what they love. Additionally, our courses are self-paced, so that you can choose what courses you’ll take and when. If you’re in need of all 180 professional development hours or just a few, we have cost-efficient courses for you.

Get Started With Us

If you’re a Philadelphia County educator, the most convenient way to earn your necessary development hours is through our online courses. All courses are developed by teachers, for teachers. With you in mind, we offer affordable, self-paced courses that are all approved by the PA Department of Education. Browse through our course catalog now to find the courses that will get you started on your professional development journey.

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