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Professional Development for Teachers in Montgomery County

If you are a professionally certified teacher, you are aware that you must take continuing education courses to maintain your certification; in Pennsylvania, specifically, this is documented in the Act 48 law. The state requires full-time and temporary teachers to maintain their active certifications by completing 180 Act 48 hours of approved, continuing education courses every five years.

We provide online professional development courses that are accredited by multiple organizations, including the PA Department of Education, to teachers in Montgomery County, PA, and throughout the state.

Convenience & Affordability

We know that a teacher’s work isn’t over when the school day ends and that your time is valuable, so we have created courses that fit into your life. Our online courses offer a level of convenience that is unparalleled. The courses are created by teachers and specifically for teachers, with a high priority on both affordability and convenience. We offer self-paced courses that can be downloaded to your home or school computer. They are not timed, so they can be completed when it fits into your schedule, not someone else’s.

All of the professional development courses for teachers offered by The Teacher’s Academy are approved for Act 48 hours online in Montgomery County, PA. Whether you only need 3 professional development hours, or the full 180, the Teacher’s Academy is able to help, at a price that is significantly more affordable than your standard university. The price of each course will vary based on the amount of credit it is worth.

You also have the option of choosing your courses, so you get the chance to learn more about the areas you are interested in. This way, maintaining your certification can be seen as an enjoyable experience rather than a daunting task. We have a wide range of course options available to ensure you find courses right for you, no matter your area of expertise. Our courses are relevant to today’s education standards, keeping you ahead of the curve.

Learn More Today

When you begin setting up your account profile with The Teacher’s Academy, be sure to include your PA Professional ID. This is an essential part of the process so that we can upload your Act 48 hours to the Pennsylvania Department of Education once the courses are completed. We are able to get your professional development hours to the state within 5 to 7 business days after completion. You will not be asked to give any personal information, other than your ID.

In addition to providing online professional development hours to teachers, we are also available to conduct personalized training at schools. School administrators from both public and private schools across Montgomery County, PA can take advantage of our on-site training and services. We bring professional development hours to your doorstep.

If you are looking to complete Act 48 hours in the state of Pennsylvania, you’ve come to the right place. With a variety of courses to choose from, you will be able to complete your professional development hours in a cost-efficient and convenient manner. Reach out today to learn more about the courses we offer in Montgomery, PA, and the surrounding areas by calling 215-660-4926 or contacting us online.

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