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Professional Development Hours for Dauphin County Teachers

Educators in Dauphin County seeking an effective way to earn their Act 48 hours have come to the right place. We are an accredited online resource for professional development hours for teachers in Harrisburg school districts and across PA. Offering a great number of online courses accredited by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, we make it simple and convenient to maintain your active teaching certification without paying for expensive college credits.

Act 48 Hours

Act 48 is a Pennsylvania law that requires all professional educators to maintain their active certification. Staying current with your certification entails completing ongoing professional development hours in Harrisburg every five years if you wish to continue teaching. A total of 180 hours are required in each five-year span. While this may sound like a lot to fit into your busy schedule, we work to make it easy for teachers in Harrisburg, PA and across Dauphin County to complete their required coursework.

All of the online courses that we offer are accredited by the PA Department of Education, meaning that whatever course you may choose can directly apply toward your required Act 48 hours. Not only are these online courses significantly cheaper than in-person college credits, but they offer a level of flexibility that you will not find in a traditional university setting.

By Educators, For Educators

In addition to being approved for Act 48 hours, all of the courses we offer are designed by educators themselves, making them more relevant to the classroom. Each course is made to benefit educators and their students, providing useful knowledge with real-world classroom applications.

With an understanding of the type of routine that educators typically have to maintain, we offer courses that can be done at a pace that is conducive to your busy schedule. All courses, no matter the length, are available online with no hard deadlines, allowing you to work toward maintaining your active certification when it is most convenient for you.


We offer a wide range of affordable professional development courses for educators looking to fulfill their required professional development hours in Harrisburg and across the state. While the price of each course is determined based on the length and nature of the program, we aim to keep costs as low as possible so that maintaining your active certification does not require an extraordinary amount of money. All that we do is designed to be both useful and convenient to your career as a professional educator.

Get Started

Whether you have 3 remaining hours for your required professional development hours in Harrisburg or the full 180, we can offer online courses to facilitate the professional development of educators throughout Dauphin County and the rest of Pennsylvania. With a range of subjects and course lengths, we make it easy to fulfill the state requirements at a conveniently low cost. If you wish to learn more about the Act 48 courses for Harrisburg teachers that we offer, feel free to contact us online or call today!

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