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Professional Development Hours For Teachers in Bucks County

Are you an educator in Bucks County, PA? Do you still have professional development hours that you need to have fulfilled to keep your teaching certificate active? If so, our incredibly convenient services could be just what you’re looking for. The courses we offer are perfect for both full-time and part-time educators, as well as substitute educators looking to remain active. Whether you specialize in early childhood education or you have certifications in multiple secondary education subject areas, you can find accredited online courses that will be of value to you.

As an added benefit to educators enrolling in our courses, all of our courses are developed by professionals currently in the field, allowing you to not only earn Act 48 hours online in Bucks County but also to gain relevant knowledge that you’ll be able to apply right away. Knowing the material you are learning applies to your classroom has benefits both for you as a teacher and for your students. Our courses are incredibly convenient and budget-friendly — words that any educator loves to hear.

What is Act 48?

Passed by the Pennsylvania legislature in 1999, Act 48 requires all educators that are teaching in Pennsylvania to hold an active teaching certification. Educators throughout the state need to complete 180 hours of professional development for teachers every five years to remain active.

Therefore, our mission is to provide educators in and around Bucks County, PA with a simpler, more cost-effective way to reach the required 180 professional development hours for teachers. After experiencing the ease of completing your first course, you may find yourself wondering why you weren’t using our services sooner.

You Determine When You Want To Work

While it would be great to pick and choose what quizzes to grade, or what department meetings to attend, that’s just not how the life of an educator works. It’s a hectic schedule with little wiggle room for more time-consuming tasks, which can make it feel stressful at times to stay up-to-date with your professional development hours. That’s why when you enroll in our courses, you can complete the classes in your free time, whenever and wherever that may be. Say goodbye to paying for those expensive college credits, and say hello to finishing up an online course during your lunch period. Getting your work done is as easy as starting your computer and logging into your account.

Great Variety of Courses Offered

English educators and math educators alike will be able to find an Act 48-approved online course of their liking. For those who are less technologically-inclined, we even offer professional development courses for teachers to help you attain proficiency in various programs, helping you feel more confident in everyday applications. With such a wide array of subjects offered, you’ll be certain to find just what you need. To find out more about our professional development courses for teachers, call us today or contact us online.

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